Measure Temperature At The Coal Face

The Chief Firefighter can’t measure the temperature of a fire, he is too far away. It is up to the front line, the firefighters, to measure the temperature.

What does this mean for the founder?

It is not your role to be on the frontline. It is not your role to collect data.

Your role as founder should be to ensure your front line team knows it is their responsibility to feed data back to the rest of the organisation. You also need to be give them the authority to do this. It is your responsibility to make sure there are tools in place for them to do this.

What does this mean for the employee?

Data is the most powerful way to instigate a change within your organisation or team. Data is not an opinion and it is in your face.

Let’s say you are working in customer service and have noticed a large number of complaints from customers for similar issues. You could let your manager:

“Over the last 30 days we have received 16 complaints from customers who complained of a faulty adapter. These customers spent an average of $246 with us and we have now lost over 70% of them as returning customers.”

Instant wake up call!

It might be frustrating when your organisation doesn’t work as it should. But you have the tools at your disposal to make a change.

Data is the best tool to instigate a change in behaviour. In an organisation or anywhere else for that matter.