Business Success and The Ability to Save

Last week I read a post from Steve Sammartino about the ability to save and it’s indication of financial success. It is worth worth reading all of the post, but the part I thought I would highlight is:

“I really believe that any human who wants to succeed financially and in business needs to be able to save money. It is the most basic of financial requirements to prove to ourselves we have the capacity to think ahead and delay gratification.”

I have never given any thought to this before but could not agree more.

Savings shows patience and the ability to stick with something for a long period of time without a near sign of reward.

I still remember saving for a $40 boogie board at the age of 7. It took over 6 months. My pocket money was $1 per week.

The memory of saving has stuck with me for a long time. So has the discipline.

I cannot think of better business skill my parents could have given me at a young age.