Asking For Customer Feedback over SMS

Vodafone are my phone service provider. I received an SMS from them today asking for feedback on my recent visit to their store – changed from an iPhone to Samsung Galaxy last week.

Vodafone SMS Customer FeedbackThis was the first time I have received a request for customer feedback via SMS. Email is overcrowded and businesses tend to ask for too much. Phone calls don’t work as I don’t want to give up the time.

“Could I borrow 5 minutes of your time?” or “This survey will only take 10 minutes?”

The SMS worked well. They already had my mobile number and they asked for simple and actionable ratings. I replies back with 1 number to each SMS. I could tell the feedback would go back to the person who served me.

They only asked 5 questions, it took 1 minute of my time and I could reply to each of the 5 messages in my own time.

Hopefully businesses take advantage of different avenues for gaining valuable customer feedback like this.