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What you can learn from an Auschwitz survivor?

viktor Frankl wife meaning

Nothing is pointless.

No experience, no encounter.

Viktor Frankl survived the Auschwitz concentration camp through a combination of luck and a meaning he found dear. For him this was finishing his life’s work on psychotherapy. (a book which would go on to sell over 10 million copies)

Viktor concluded there were three ways one could find meaning in life:

  1. Creating a work or art
  2. Experiencing something or someone (love)
  3. Find meaning in unavoidable suffering

Now for all of you who are:

  • artists
  • sisters
  • friends
  • parents
  • relatives
  • brothers
  • sufferers
  • entrepreneurs
  • those facing seemingly insurmountable challenges

This applies to you.

There is one thought, which got people through hell, and can get you through any experience and come out stronger:

“The point is not what we expect from life, but rather what life expects from us” – Viktor Frankl


Why Marketing Expert Seth Godin Is Wrong About House of Cards and Mariah Carey

Sorry Seth, there is now more than one way to create a buzz around a product release.

World famous marketeer Seth Godin thought Netflix made a mistake with the way they released House of Cards. Their hit show from last year was released all at once, not the traditional episode by episode.

From his post:

“And the mistake Netflix made was that they didn’t drip. They didn’t queue it up for their viewers, didn’t coordinate and sync the buzz.”

Netflix house of cards is a game changer

Kevin Spacey from House of Cards. Ominous game changer.

(By the way, this is the only way I watch a series. I never watch it episode by episode. I literally wait for the entire season to come out before watching.)

The other option to creating buzz is to go with the surround sound effect. Release it all at once, no pre-hype, no hype in the drip, the build up or the crescendo.

Upon releasing the show or the product your customer hears about you EVERYWHERE. In all their favourite blogs, from their friends, it’s in their feeds. They feel compelled to check it out because everyone they trust and are interested in are talking about it too.

Mariah Carey’s album which she dropped in December was a game changer according to Snoop Dogg/Lion. (he wrote: ‘ayyy Beyonce just chanded d game!! #getcultured.’) She changed the game because she did not drip feed her fans at all. She announced the 14 song collection on her twitter account. There were no singles released in advance – nothing. Surprise!

The result: she temporarily brought down the iTunes.

While drip feeding has been a golden rule for creating buzz it is no longer the only rule. It is being re-written.

And don’t think it is only those with mass followings who can do this – check out what these guys did for their Kickstarter campaign. Includes practical templates.